5 Celebrities Who Married the Same Person More Than Once

Wondering which celebrities married the same person more than once?

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It seems like Hollywood couples break up and make up more often than most people change their socks!

Let’s be honest, most of us never really think about getting back together with our exes.

I mean, they’re exes for a reason, right?

Wondering which celebrities married the same person more than once? Quite a few have, actually. Here are the top five examples!

However, there are some famous people that have done just that.

Here are just some of the celebrities who married the same person more than once.

Celebrities Who Married the Same Person More Than Once

1. Pamela Anderson


Pamela, born July 1, 1967 is an actress and model that’s most well-known for her roles in Home Improvement and Baywatch. She is also the head of her Pamela Anderson Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting people, animals, and the environment.

Anderson married and divorced professional poker player, Rick Salomon twice.

They first married October 6, 2007 at The Mirage in Las Vegas, but split on December 13, 2007. On February 22, 2008, Anderson filed to have the marriage annulled, citing the reason of fraud, which was granted on March 24, 2008.

The couple married again January 9, 2014, but Anderson filed for divorce once again July 3, 2014, with the couple reconciling a month later. She filed for divorce again February 11, 2015, which was finalized April 27, 2015.

Before marrying, divorcing, marrying, and divorcing Salomon,  Anderson also had an on again/off again relationship with rock star Kid Rock. The couple were engaged in 2002, but split up in 2003. They rekindled their romance in 2006. Obviously, it didn’t last, since she married Rick Salomon for the first time in 2007!

2. Don Johnson


Don Johnson, born December 15, 1949, is an actor and singer who is probably best known for his role in the hit 80s TV show Miami Vice.

Johnson married and divorced fellow actress, Melanie Griffith twice. Their 1st marriage lasted just 3 months, from January-July of 1976. Their 2nd marriage took place on June 26, 1989 and lasted until their separation in March of 1994.

The couple reconciled a few months later, but divorced in May of 1995. They have 1 child together- Dakota- born October 4, 1989. Johnson is currently married to Kelly Phleger. They’ve been together since 1999 and have three kids together.

3. Marshall Mathers


Marshall Mathers, is best known as rapper and actor, Eminem, born October 17, 1972.

He married and divorced Kim Scott twice. They were first married in 1999 and divorced 2 years later in 2001.

They married a 2nd time in January of 2006, but Mathers filed for divorce in April of 2006. The couple have 1 daughter together- Hailie Jade Mathers- born December 25, 1995. Mathers also has custody of Kim’s two daughters from a previous relationship.

4. Marie Osmond


Marie Osmond, born October 13, 1959, is a singer and actress.

She married motivational speaker, Stephen Craig twice but divorced him once. Their 1st marriage took place on June 26, 1982 and they divorced in October of 1985.

They married again on May 4, 2011 at the Las Vegas Nevada Temple and remain married today. They have one son together- Stephen James Craig- born April 20, 1983.

5. Jean-Claude Van Damme


Jean- Claude Van Damme, born October 18, 1960, is a martial artist and actor.

Like Marie Osmond, Van Damme married his wife, professional bodybuilder, Gladys Portugues twice but only divorced her once.

They were first married in 1987 and that marriage ended in 1992. The couple married a 2nd time in 1999 and are still together today. The couple have two children together- Kristopher- born in 1987 and Bianca- born in 1990.

Do you know of any other celebrities who married the same person more than once? Share below!

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