10 Tea Length Wedding Dresses We Adore

Thinking about going with a shorter dress for your big day? Check out 10 tea length wedding dresses we absolutely adore!

Usually, when you think of a bridal dress you think of something that is long with a train. However, while long floor length dresses remain the most popular style of wedding dresses, not all brides want to wear a long dress on their big day. Shorter tea-length wedding dresses are easier to walk in, you can’t trip over them and they allow you to show a little leg! Needless to say, tea length dresses aren’t just for tea time. Here are 10 tea length dresses that are absolutely beautiful!

10 Adorable Tea Length Wedding Dresses

1. Short and lovely. I love the vintage look of this one, don’t you?

2. The details on this dress are just incredible! 

3. Elegance is absolutely possible in a short dress.

4. Pretty in peach. Who said wedding dresses always have to be white?

5. For a vintage look, go short!

6. The perfect way to show off the shoes, and wow, are they amazing shoes!

7. Two tea length dresses at once?! Swoon!

8. Baby pink and lace appliques make for a great dress!

9. An amazing combination of dress and bouquet! Don’t you love the colors in those flowers?

10. This dress is out of this world gorgeous! 

One thing to remember about going with tea length wedding dresses: your shoes really matter! If you’re the type who has a super hard time picking out shoes (trust me, I’ve seen brides visit upwards of 60 stores to find the right pair!), you could add more stress to your planning. If you were planning to wear flip-flops for a beach wedding, you can still do that but you might want to dress them up a bit. Remember, it’s your wedding, you’re the one that makes the rules!

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What does your dress look like? Would you wear a tea length wedding dress? Tell us about it!

5 thoughts on “10 Tea Length Wedding Dresses We Adore”

  1. Looking back at my wedding, I would probably change into a Tea Length dress for the reception. They are definitely more practical to move around in. I love these looks!

  2. How charming! We had a lovely wedding, and I have such happy memories of it. But just the same, I’d love to do it again. Perhaps this time in a tea-length dress.

  3. Gorgeous dresses! I plan on wering a tea length for our vowel renewal in two years and these are so inspiring!

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